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bye bye bluesBye Bye Blues

Gospel music

Released 2002

~Casesettes available through Jody~

The song "Bye Bye Blues" was written by songwriter Lucy Hemingway. Lucy wrote the Classic #1 Gospel Hit "The Blood Covered It All". I fell in love with this song and the excellent way it was written by this wonderful songwriter. I found out how to get in touch with Lucy and spoke with her on the phone. I told her I loved the song and wondered if she had any more number one hits. She sent me several of her beautiful compositions. I picked a couple to do in my next project. She offered the tracks to the songs when I told her we sang in the same key. So I took her up on the offer. This Project was the focus of a dream of my friend Marvin Garrison, who needed a fund raiser for an idea he had to raise money for Senior Pastors called Operation Care.

In this CD you'll find Lucy's songs, "Bye Bye Blues" and "Gathered Home" plus some others that I've always wanted to record. "One Day At A Time" with Guitarist Cal Denison, and Judy Pevehouse' "Poor Devil's Fallen". Doug DeRamus produced "How About Your Heart" for his lovely wife Judy, and sent me the track to record it, so we spent little money getting some mighty powerful music because of these friends' graciousness and little effort on my part, I love this CD. I know you will too, least I hope so.

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  1. Bye Bye Bluesjodynotestereo monomono
  2. Holy Is He
  3. Angel Wingsjodynotestereo monomono
  4. Beyond These Walls
  5. Poor Devil's Fallen
  6. Holy Grounds
  7. Gathered Home
  8. One Day At A Time
  9. How About Your Heart?
  10. Last Call To Supper

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