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Jody Miller

Comments about performances:

Jody Miller, Classical Gospel Star
- Gospel The Way It Should Be Sung

Last Summer we had the pleasure of seeing Jody Miller perform and, while familiar with her recordings, we were "blown away". We knew immediately that this great gospel singer was someone we needed to interview for Point North * Tidings" Salem, Virginia, 2008


We recently had Jody Miller in our Church and everyone was excited about the concert. Her performance was outstanding reflecting her professionalism and ability. The people in the Church all expressed their delight with her performance and said that they look forward to her returning in the future. Even though I used the word performance, her presentation was truly a blessing and ministry. In the short time we were able to be with her, we came away as friends with her and really enjoyed the time we spent in fellowship. We also came to realize that Jesus Christ is truly the center of her life. Her heartbeat is to really live for and please her Saviour. Her music, testimony and love for souls were a great blessing to our Church. I recommend her ministry without reservation to churches today. Randy Thomas, Pastor, Oklahoma Lane Methodist Church February 5, 2003

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