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Jody Miller Music - Discography
Look at Mine Look at Mine

Country Music
Released 1970

~Not Available for Sale~

My first experience with "The Genius", Billy Sherrill. None of us who recorded music with Billy producing will ever be the same, except for Tammy Wynette, and she's in Heaven.

This was my first time to actually meet the Jordanaires. I love this album because every song is "Jody Miller." A little pop, a little country, and darn good songs.

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  1. Look At Mine jodynote stereo mono mono
  2. Snow Bird
  3. Leaving On A Jet Plane jodynote stereo mono mono
  4. A Week and A Day
  5. If You Think I Love You Now
  6. Looking Out My Back Door
  7. Safe In These Lovin' Arms Of Mine
  8. Catch Me In the Moring
  9. Stand By Your Man
  10. I'll Never Love Again
  11. He Loves Me All the Way


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