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Jody Miller Music - Discography
Here's Jody MillerHere's Jody Miller

Country Music
Released 1977

~Not Available for Sale~

This album was produced by Jerry Crutchfield. He was really a very nice person and a credit to the music business, and what a producer!

"Roll Me On the Water" was re-released on Jody's Antholggy CD on Renaissance Records as part of a new 24 song package. And we had a hit off this album - "When The New Wears Off Our Love".

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  1. Roll Me On The Waterjodynotestereo mono mono
  2. Try Me Again
  3. You Can Be Replaced
  4. Won't You Stay (just a little bit longer)
  5. Maybe I should've been Listening
  6. Montana Cowboy
  7. Spread A Little Love Around
  8. When The New Wears Off Our Lovejodynotestereo mono mono
  9. I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby

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